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4 Ways To Strengthen Your Intuition And Start Reading Any Situation In Your Life

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

How would it feel if you could psychically read any situation in your life?

Whether you simply want to deepen your psychic abilities in your personal life, strengthen your intuition, or learn the tools necessary to thrive in your spiritual business, this post will take you through the 4-step process I go through every single time I read clients.

But before we get into the practice, I want to start us off with an important reminder. Are you ready? Here it is...

You don’t have a soul.

You ARE a soul.

You have a body.

This process isn’t about connecting to some other part of yourself, you’re not ascending in your spirituality or trying to “find” your soul.

What you’re doing here is understanding the language of your body.

It’s not really about becoming a psychic, it's about understanding your body's way of perceiving what's already yours.

You’re now taking the time to remember and activate those parts of you that you haven’t tapped into in a long time - perhaps even throughout your entire lifetime. Maybe you’ve even been suppressing your psychic side due to family, religion, society, culture or whatever else.

This is simply about connecting to who you already are.

Many of us often think we need external sources to tune into that psychic information, but the process is a lot more simple.

If you’ve been relying too heavily on tarot cards, crystals, burning sage, or other spiritual tools, you may be living in the old paradigm. In the old paradigm, you're outsourcing your intuition, your decisions to things outside of yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong, those are all beautiful tools and I use them on a regular basis.

However, you do not NEED them.

You hold the codes, Oracle.

In the new paradigm, all you need is within you.

In the new paradigm, we use the following formula to see more clearly the psychic wisdom that’s coming through for us.

It goes as follows. 👇🏽

1. Breathe

The very first step is to breathe. Use your breath as a center of focus.

Use your breath to move energy.

Use your breath as a cleansing restart.

Your breath is what neutralizes your nervous system.

Let’s take the example of myself in a client session. Say I’m talking with my client, in this case, we’ll call her Amber.

As I’m in my session with Amber, she’s saying a ton of different things. She's talking stream of consciousness style - almost like she’s word vomiting.

(Side note: I absolutely LOVE when my clients word vomit, because it allows them to move what needs to come through. This then allows me to pick up on the intuitive information that I need to perceive.)

So while Amber is getting everything out, I’ll be taking deep breaths.

Once she’s done expressing their thoughts, I’ll take one more cleansing breath, and use that breath as a form of centering.

This centering is needed because there was a LOT of information Amber was outputting and moving through in her speech.

When I focus on my breath, I'm allowing any of the emotions that I've picked up in my body to move.

I'm breathing, moving, clearing, and restarting. I'm positively neutralizing the nervous system.

I do this every single time before starting a call with a client. Sometimes it’s for ten minutes and sometimes it’s for one minute depending on the day. But focusing on my breath always allows the body to neutralize.

I don’t only use this with my clients, but I also use this in my personal life. Whether I get in an argument with my partner, someone says something that gets under my skin, or I'm feeling my human ego is triggered for whatever reason, deep breaths allow me to recenter.

If my nervous system is frustrated or fried, or I’m entering my client sessions from a place of flight or fight, it’s going to be very challenging for me to pick up psychic information.

The breath is one of the most important anchoring points to begin this kind of work. Allow your breath to cleanse you. Sometimes I like to visualize white smoke moving through my body, clearing anything up, allowing anything that’s not needed to drift away.

2. Receive

The next step is receiving. Tune in and pay attention.

Are you hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, or knowing anything that wasn't there before?

Going back to the example of being on a call with my client Amber, I’m breathing, focusing on her words, and feeling into what she’s saying.

At this point, I’m using all of my Clairs, but I’m specifically noticing how the words are sitting in my body. I’m noticing if there are any words that are activating certain thoughts and certain beliefs that are coming into my mind.

I ask myself: what am I receiving from her words?

I'm noticing what I'm receiving from her energy.

What is coming into my system? Whether it’s an intuitive feeling or a deep knowingness, I’m recognizing what information is coming through that wasn’t there prior to our call.

This is easy to do if you’ve cleared your system through your breath prior to your call. You’re able to receive with clarity what’s coming through from the other person.

3. Separate

Once you receive what’s coming through from the other person, you want to make sure you separate what is yours from someone else's.

In order to truly tune in to someone else's energy, you must remove what is YOUR stuff.

Whatever you’ve experienced throughout your day or through your life, just move it to the side so that you can understand what they need.

Or vice versa, if you want to tune into your OWN energy (say, for example, you’re asking your higher self a question and want to know what your next right move is!) then you want to separate someone else's energy from the equation.

You also have to work on separating mind chatter from intuition. Intuition feels like a subtle energy in the back of the mind.

It’s a very neutral voice. It is not angry, it's not yelling, it's just there.

When you contrast that with mental chatter, that voice is at the forefront of your head.

It’s loud, it’s judgemental. It’s telling you that you “should” do something.

Any kind of loud, chattering noise like this is NOT intuition.

It takes practice for you to understand what your intuition sounds like versus what your mental chatter sounds like.

But you can always be sure that mental chatter is going to be egoistic, versus the intuition is always going to be loving, or neutral.

Separate yourself as a form of clearing and mitigating overload.

That might also mean you take a break between things. For example, I never go from client call to client call back to back.

I always give myself the separation, whether it’s ten minutes or thirty minutes, to go back to the breath, to clear things out and neutralize my nervous system BEFORE I’m ready to receive for my next client.

The process of separation can occur between calls, throughout your day, or on the call itself.

Say I’m on the call with my client Amber and I’m receiving information. My next move would be to check-in and see if there's anything that I’m filtering through my own ego.

For example, let’s say Amber is discussing a family situation and describing how her parents treated her. If I’ve been through a similar situation that I have not yet healed from, I need to make sure I’m not speaking from a place of being triggered. That’s ego. If it’s intuition, it’ll be divine information, that will even be beneficial and healing for me to hear.

It is up to you to distinguish and determine what is what.

4. Trust

The next step is to trust. You have to trust what is coming through.

It’s time to bet on yourself, Oracle.

If you follow the three previous steps, then trusting is actually going to be a very simple thing to do. It may not be easy...but it's very simple.

The more you trust the more you can perceive. The more you start acting from the information you perceive, the more you start telling people the information that you perceive, then the more validation you will get from external sources. This will then allow you to trust and that will put your ego at ease.

The more you can trust in one intuitive gift, the more you’ll quickly open up the others. Say, for example, you KNOW that you’re Clairempathic. You’re very clear on the fact that you feel things deeply and receive information through feelings in your body.

Once you’ve developed confidence in this gift, you’re more likely to start seeing signs of other gifts.

  • Maybe you begin seeing images every time someone’s talking

  • Maybe you keep hearing a particular phrase

  • Or maybe you begin to become more aware of a deep knowing within you

This is because you are now activating your other gifts.

You have to remember, if you're getting an intuitive hit it’s there for a reason.

This isn't about your ego, feeling afraid, or being worried about making a mistake.

Trust in what is there.

You have come so far in doing all of this. It doesn't make sense for you to doubt when the intuition is clearly there.

You are gifted, or else you wouldn't be reading this right now.

Ask yourself: what do I need to act on today that my intuition has been nudging me about?

You WILL get to a point where you naturally do it, where it becomes second nature.

Right now, you can literally start applying this to every single situation in your life, and it'll start activating like a muscle you begin to strengthen.

Do you want deeper support with activating your psychic gifts?

Join my self-paced course, The Initiation, to start living through your intuition and waking up your inner Oracle to transform every aspect of your life.

My clients who’ve gone through my signature course have been able to:

- have contact with their own spirit team

- receive precise downloads on all things career, love, and family

- clear their karmic and lineage patterning

- manifest from a place of energy mastery

- psychic gifts initiating and deepening

- develop an understanding of who they are and all of their shadows and gifts

See you in the Most Abundant Timeline,



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