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Oracle temple

A sacred space just for you.

What is an oracle temple session?

An Oracle is a Channeler who provides counsel, intuitive guidance and divination to the receiver.

What the session looks like is so unique to each individual...but a general outline looks like this:

-The client's questions or obstacle is presented
-We dig deeper
-client receives energy healing
-While the client is receiving energy healing, I will begin to channel information and or access to akashic records
-If appropriate we will regress into a past life or early life to clear an obstacle or blockage
-we discuss, integrate, strategize & go deeper.
-We conclude with a full spread oracle reading

Just like anything I do, we will make these big cosmic channelings into tangible and practical steps for you to begin seeing results in your life. 

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Sofia Araya, Spiritual Life Coach

"My session with Nathaly felt like a healing that happened in a lot of different dimensions at the same time. Like this Light entered different places in my body and drew out images and information. I felt very clear afterwards. She helped confirm and walked me through some feelings I had been having that weren't on the surface. It felt very relaxing and I felt very supported by Nathaly's energy as well."

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Jenn Scwartz, CEO Impact Your Fitness

"She really had a huge influence on the upgrading of my business in so many ways, inside of it and in my own courage and confidence and belief in my vision. She deserves much more than a shoutout... One of the best coaches and confidants, I've had the pleasure of working with."

Camden Guy

ZCW, Business Analyst

"Nathaly has the ability to provide you with insight and clarity on what thoughts and emotions could be triggering you as well self sabotaging your success. She was able to work with me and provide me a detailed guide into a new way of viewing myself as well as my career. This allowed me to increase my income by 30% in a 6 month time period. I am very appreciative for all of her help."

this is for you if:

this is not for you if:

You are desiring to walk on your Most Abundant Timeline. You want to understand what sabotage cycles, patterns, ancestral or ethereal programs are running in your system.

This is also a way for you to receive clarity on any aspect of your most abundant timeline as it relates to your business, purpose, launch, cross-roads, healing and so much more.

-You're not willing to take responsibility for what isn't working
-You're not willing to integrate and take the adequate action steps necessary for change
-You are looking for a magic pill psychic to solve all of your problems. 

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hi I'm Nathaly (nat-uh-lee)


Over the last 8+ years I have spent my time:


-featured on ABC & CBS Working with high profile leaders in Washington DC as their personal Reiki Master Teacher & Hypnotist. 


-Now I works w/ high frequency online leaders that have created powerful movements in their respective industries.

-I am the founder of the Granja Vortex Method where I teach facilitators how to create customized hypnotic tracks


I am especially gifted at making big cosmic conversations into very practical and profitable action steps.


I can:
-see things that have not manifested yet,

-hear unconscious patterns,

-retrieve soul history
-and empathically feel exactly what you’re experiencing.


Which has made me the Go-to Global Oracle, Hypnotist & Multi-Generational Healer that I am today.


Over the last 3+ years I have helped my clients scale 12k-100k months and counting, as coaches, healers and intuitives simply by guiding their energetics and mindset to a new state of being... Owning Their Most Abundant Timeline.



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