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We are always told that anything in "excess is bad", so naturally we don't allow ourselves to have an excess of MONEY.


You are wrapped up in CONSTANT word spells and mind fucks that are keeping you BROKE or making "just enough". And girl let me tell you.....

You are worthy of so much more. 

As a Manifestation Coach, I walk you through the step by step process, I use with clients.


This Masterclass is a guide for HEALING your relationship with money. When you heal your relationship with money, you release restrictions and stories about what money means to you and who gets to obtain it. This is not about making Money your God.


This is about making FREEDOM (to travel, invest, share, purchase, be seen, etc) a priority through the vehicle that our world is run by, money. 

Having an abundance of money gives you more TIME to do the things you love and spend it with the people you care about. 


I'M HERE TO HELP YOU bridge the gap  from dream LIFE to your reality...


a reality YOU'RE TOTALLY OBSESSED to be apart of.

Here's a taste of what this course will touch on...

  • Tap into your intuition for making more money

  • Become aware of your PERSONAL limiting beliefs

  • Easily shift out of limiting beliefs and learn to catch them

  • Intuitive Money planning

  • Feel confident about your ability to receive and make money

  • Raise your vibration around money

  • Manifest more money from different sources


This is a 70 min Masterclass & workbook

be the next Queen to enjoy 


This is PERFECT for you if...

  • You are wanting to explore your money blocks

  • Want to see more $$$ coming in

  • You are curious about the impact of personal energy & money

  • You are ready to embark on a journey of Abundance

  • You want to shift your energy around spending from guilty to Empowered 

  • You are curious about how healing your relationship with money changes your entire life..

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