You are here because your Soul chose this specific time and place to incarnate and embody your flavor of Starseed gifts, codes & magic for the Earth's 5D Evolution.  

So many people are waiting for this BIG shift to BOOM- we are in 5D and collectively living from a new paradigm of Magic.. The Earth is cared for, we only eat whole foods, and everyone is hip to energy healing, crystals and angel communication....but they forget....none of this Atlantean living gets to happen, unless WE make that happen. 

The most Abundant Timeline starts with YOU. This doesn't happen by force...this happens through Embodiment.
death & rebirth
expanding consciousness.
remembering WHO you are.
This happens through LIVING as your God-Self, here and now.

We have so many stories, fears, karma and uncertainty that has clouded our true nature. Taking us farther and farther away from our mission, our gifts and all of the RICH pleasures and delicacies that life has to offer you.


There are four major principles we will be covering:


Nathaly Granja has assisted hundreds of people just like you in remembering who they are, reclaiming their inner God and co-creating a life of Pleasure, Luxury & Magic.

She has a background as a Clinical Hypnotist, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher & Ascension Guide. She teaches you from her 7+ years of experience but more importantly she helps YOU unleash your own internal guiding system.

She believes that every single person is here with a mission but some are specifically meant to Lead. It is with those Light Leaders (who are ushering in a new and evolved way of doing things) that will benefit from this program. The vibrational frequency of this program has been downloaded through her, not as your Guru, but as a conduit for 5D Activation.

You'll get to experience insurmountable support not just from Nathaly, but your fellow Light Leaders who bring their own incredible tools and expertise to the table. In this container we will  co-create a microcosm of Unity Consciousness. 

LLA is coded to act as a doula for Starseeds & Light Leaders just like you, who are ready to birth in:
-service from a place of pleasure
 -tapping into your natural rhythmic flow
-becoming a full blown intuitive channel for your specific field
-and the death of 3D density paradigms  


who qualifies for this mastermind?

how much time should i set aside?

what is the weekend immersion?

WHat Certificates do i receive?
 do you offer a payment plan?

 What is with the snakes?


We are using the Snake as our "school mascot" if you will. We call upon the Divine Serpent as our energy totem because unlike a butterfly moving from caterpillar, to cocoon and to its final stage (although beautiful)- you and I are always dying, shedding or becoming new again, just as a snake sheds its skin, we are always given the opportunity to be  born again and renewed. The snake symbolizes everlasting life and helps us connect to our Infinite Intelligence.

A Light Leader is someone who is here to offer the world a new way of doing things. You may come in the form of a Coach, Healer, Doctor, Acupuncturist, Yoga Teacher, Shaman, Astrologer, Therapist, CEO, etc. Anyone who is here with medicine on their heart and a fire to share it. You may be in the beginning stages or well into your path

The structure will be as follows: bi-weekly 2-2.5 hour group calls hosted on Zoom, access to Nathaly through our Private FB Group, three 1 on 1 intensives with Nathaly and monthly guest Expert Q & A's hosted LIVE on Zoom.

Absolutely. There is an option for 6 monthly installments. However if you pay in full, you will receive private VIP access to me via Voxer (walkie talkie/txt) during business hours M-F.

The weekend immersion will be a sacred container hosted in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia, two nights/three days. Filled with heart centred communion, integration, intimate support, energy work, organic food and of course activation of death and rebirth. The cost for this is already built into the program's price. You just pay transportation.

Although we will be focusing on downloading your own healing pathways and energetic will have the opportunity to also learn the Usui Reiki Energy System. You will become certified in Reiki I,II & Master Level


© 2020 by Nathaly Granja