month 1- 
Taking back our personal power.

Week One-
Assessing where you already are and having radical self acceptance for it. Deciding where you want to be, from the awareness of your current programming.

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Week Two-
TRUST. Addressing the fears and stories that come up around what you are trying to attain. Learn to develop grounding tools for safety and security of your gifts and abilities. 
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Week Three-
Tapping into that creative flow, learning to feel into your sacral chakra, how to move that divine creative energy and harness that sacred power. Strategize from creative flow and personal sensuality. Allow for all of your incredible ideas to come through you. 
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Week Four-

 Deciding who you are and want to be. Tapping into the infinite. Learning to create out of personal Empowerment and self acceptance. Creating a new story for yourself.
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month 2- 
creating room and intentional action

Week Five-

Learn how to use the Moon for Manifestation. Lunar Strategy is about synching your goals, your energy, your manifestation tools to the lunar phases. This module will give you everything you need for the strategy portion of your goals.

Week Six-

Learn the Secret Sauce for Law of Attraction that NOBODY tells you. This process will illustrate how to create SUSTAINABLE manifestation
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Week Seven-
You will learn NLP tools and techniques that will shift any anxiety about the future...into the emotion you NEED to succeed
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Week Eight-
Discover the THREE wounds stemming from your past, that are keeping you from leveling up
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month 3- 
becoming the energetic match & living your dream life

Week Nine-
Learn how to get out of that survival and victimhood and discover how to actually RECEIVE 
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Week Ten-
How to navigate through moving on from a goal, what to do when you reach a glass ceiling and your SOULS mission
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Week Eleven-
This module is dedicated to troubleshooting any circumstance in which..things may not have gone your way. What do you do when the manifestation doesn't happen?
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Week Twelve-
Living the Co-Creation Lifestyle beyond the program.How to address the life long door of change. Creating from excitement and not fear. Bonus Hacks!
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It's time

You have been guided here

I WISH I had these tools and information when I was first starting out.

It would have saved me YEAAAARS of trying to puzzle everything together. This is your time to:
-gain confidence,
- tap into your own divine intuition,
-trust yourself,
- create goals for your
life, health, business, relationships etc.

And have the secret sauce to blending the Intuitive AND Material to create life lasting sustainable change.


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