This is for the Conscious Leader, Visionary and Scaling Entrepreneur who might be feeling overwhelmed by:

-their new (or developing) intuitive abilities
-Feeling lost
-Sudden loss of your old 'identity' and a desire to find your true self
-A sense of urgency or anxiety like you're supposed to be doing something
-Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information 
-Feeling scattered and ungrounded 
-Stagnant in your relationships and business
-Catching yourself Day Dreaming a new or evolved vision

These are ALL Ascension Symptoms.

An Ascension to a Lighter, more Intuitive, 5 Dimensional version of you.

Because you are the high achiever that you are, you find that you're always tapped into your infinite potential. You are super magickal (and likely one of the best) at what you offer the world..and your Expansion is evolving with the Earths consciousness.

 But you're afraid of making those leaps to your next level you (or most abundant timeline).

Yes, you have a platform of influence and know what you're offering is GREAT but some things feel out of alignment as you're ready to shed old identities as you move forward.

Part of MY gift to the world is that I am able to SEE YOU as that next level version. It does not matter how much you've already accomplished ( yes, Ms. Independent- I'm talking to you) there is always that craving for more Mastery, more Abundance, more Purpose, and more Freedom.

In our vortex we will create a 5D Blueprint of what you want your life to look like

I'm here to MIRROR, REMIND, and ACTIVATE you into your journey of Evolution and Ascension

You are a multi-fasciated being so this isn't just about "your business," this is your whole life mission.

YOU are qualified for my coaching container if:

-You are a Highly Ambitious Starseed, Coach or Expert

-You are ready to Expand in your Purpose and Refine your Mission

-You want to experience Alignment in all areas of your life

-You want Unshakable Confidence and clarity in your next level self

-You want to Activate your own Intuition and Guiding System

-You desire to Move through Your blind spots in Quantum Time

-You are ready to go all in on yourself


This private container acts like a vortex. Our energy, together, can collapse time to create serious transformation and up-levels on all fronts. The more you become clear on your personal Truth and Desires, the easier it is to connect with that high impact, abundant and freedom driven timeline . 

This process will look different for everyone,as all of my sessions are purely channeled. You will receive your own unique flavor of soul medicine. This process will peel away the layers of conditioning to expose your most authentic self. You will learn to confidently embody your Light whilst still reaping the fruit here in the Earth plane.



This bundle is an intermediate touch point where I can assist you along your journey wherever you may be.. This gives us an opportunity to allow any limiting beliefs to arise and clear as we cultivate powerful strategies and short term guidance for you. These calls are customized to you and may include:
- card pulls
- energy transfer
- coaching
-intuitive channeling
. This package does not include any inbetween support.

90 min Calls


Krystal Ross, Holistic Practitioner

Before working with Nathaly I felt lack of structure, boundaries and clarity. Together we cleared some abundance blocks, received intuitive guidance, defined my target market and I admitted my desires.

We also created structure & systems (for my business).What stuck out to me the most was how easy it was to create with Nathaly guiding me.

I recieved everything I was looking for. Guidance, systems, clarity.

Kat Beck, Intuitive Healer + Coach

"I lacked clarity in my soul business and felt lost. Complete distrust of my gut and doubt of my abilities.​
...I had to see the root of all these issues and address them with honesty. I had to get REAL about my limiting beliefs to see how UNREAL they always were.​
I loved your support and encouragement to take action. I love how you would ask EXACTLY what I needed to be asked so that REVELATIONS could occur. I had SO MANY "AH HA" moments it was mindblowing honestly. 
My results? Complete clarity and confidence in my gifts + in my business. I feel like I have the backbones in my business now whereas before I was just flopping around exuding EFFORT without any results. Now I feel so dedicated to what I am doing and KNOW how MUCH I AM WORTH. I am finally charging what I should have always been charging for my services and I don't doubt myself at all. "

Chloe de Luna, Cosmic Channeler

Working with Nathaly was definetley a soul agreement. She has guided me into my personal energetic mastery. I had no idea how all over the place I was with my time, desires and energy. She has a brilliant way of clarifying each topic (even huge cosmic conversations) into tangible and practicle steps. 
Her energy transers are so beyond this world and since working with her, I've made more money than I ever have in my business. 

Nathaly was so easily able to identify and guide me to clearing my 3rd dimensional beliefs and because of that, my Channeling sources began to open up again. I was a meduim as a child and then lost it for most of my life. Now form making shifts into 5d living, my gifts are coming back and then some. Forever grateful.

VIP vortex

In this 3 or 6 month Container you will receive:
-Complete access to me via Voxer (audio/txt chat)
-90min Bi Weekly Video Call Intensives
(reiki transfer + coaching)
-Customized Hypnotic tracks that will rewire your subconscious for your next uplevel
-Deep Dive Oracle Readings for the month
-Access to Powerful Cosmic Meditations 
-Bodywork & NLP exercises to get energy from blocked to flowing
-A Sacred space for healing, guidance and support


++bonus bundle

($888 value)

This is a self paced program that teaches you all of the principles of sustainably co-creating your dream life, shifting your mindset and tools for energy alignment.

You will receive:
-step by step process
-12 layered video modules
-Interactive workbooks
-Hypnotic Audios
++ So much more

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